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What is a Dildo?

Dildos are usually designed for vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse and come in different solid materials in the shape of a penis. Some dildos include penis-shaped items that are clearly designed for vaginal insertion, even though they are not a true approximation of a penis. Anal dildos are intended for repeated anal penetration, and unlike butt plugs, which have flanges, are designed to stay in place, and people of all genders and sexual orientations can use these dildos for masturbation or other sexual activities.
Traditionally, many dildos are shaped to resemble a human penis, but with varying levels of detail, while others mimic animal penises. However, not all dildos are designed to replicate penile anatomy, and dildos come in a variety of shapes. They may resemble human figures, or simply be practical creations that are easier to stimulate than traditional designs.

Types of Dildos Available on the Market

Most dildo on the market can be divided into glass dildo, metal dildo, plastic dildo and silicone dildo according to the materials. Below we will introduce the characteristics of toys made of each material.
Glass dildo: They are a solid choice for solid, non-vibrating sex toys. They are strong and do not bend easily. Made of borosilicate glass, glass dildos are safe to use with a variety of lubricants and can be cleaned by hand washing with soap and water.
Metal dildo: Metal sex toys are relatively rare, but like glass, they are quite strong. But before buying a metal sex toy, make sure it is made of surgical steel, which will not corrode during and after your use. One thing to note is that metal dildos are generally quite heavy, so please confirm the weight before purchasing.
Plastic dildo: Plastic sex toys have a price advantage, and they are non-porous and will not breed bacteria. But they are relatively more dangerous, and the bad plastic materials made some plastic sex toys may cause harm to your body.
Silicone dildo: The chemical elements of silicone are silicon and oxygen. It does not contain toxic molecular structures such as benzene rings, and silicone is a very environmentally friendly soft material. Silicone has long been a common soft material used in the production of adult sex toys. There is a lot of research behind platinum silicone. Platinum silicone is safer than standard silicone, does not leave any residue that penetrates into your body, and platinum-cured silicone is surprisingly odorless.

What are the Best Types of Dildos for Beginners?

There is no specific type of dildo that is best for beginners, but we strongly recommend starting small. Especially if you are not used to larger penises, start small. If you are still a little shy and want to keep a low profile, you can choose a dildo with a low-profile design.

What are the Best Types of Dildos for Anal Sex?

To be honest, there is no specific type of dildo that is best for anal sex. Any type of dildo will work in your butt as long as your body is ready for it. However, for beginners who are just starting to try anal sex, we recommend using shorter and smaller dildos instead of larger ones to avoid causing tearing. Note that any dildo that does not come with a base is not recommended for anal use.

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Dildo?

First, your preferences. Are you buying a dildo for masturbation or partner sex? Do you prefer realistic or discreet designs? Dildos are intended for internal stimulation, that is, you insert it into your genitals. That's why you need to make sure the material of the dildo is body-safe and non-porous.

What Dildos does Nothosaur Offer to Customers?

Most of Nothosaur toys are made of platinum silicone. Yes, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, this material is body-safe, non-porous, and has no odor.
Nothosaur offers a variety of dildos to choose from, which can fully satisfy your fantasy of dildo.
According to different fantasy styles, Nothosaur dildos can be roughly divided into several categories. They are: Alien dildo, Dragon dildo, Ejaculating dildo, Fantasy dildo, Furry dildo, Horse dildo, Knot dildo, Monster dildo, Ovipositor dildo, Tentacle dildo, etc. You can completely choose your favorite dildo according to your preferences!
Nothosaur offers size customization options for most of the dildos, so you can choose the size that suits you best! Whether you are a fan of big dildos or small dildos, you can find the right dildo here.
In addition, Nothosaur also offers other fantasy sex toys, such as furry sex toy, tentacle toy, unicorn dildo, and egg sex toys.
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