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The pace of our new designs coming to market in 2022 will be even faster than before, and we want to bring more fantasy toys to our friends.

We will introduce the specially recommended toys in each category from our website's selection of new toys.

HUNDOO is Nothosaur's breakthrough innovative masturbator this year. The overall design is inspired by the Oriental fantasy masterpiece "Classic of Mountains and Seas". It is a fantasy masturbator of the ancient style and fantasy collision. It has a slightly rough touch on the outskin, while the inside is really a narrow channel that tightly surrounds you and massages your penis slowly. Do you want a throat-like experience? It can do it! Do you want a vaginal feel? It can do the same! Wraps you tightly, and gives you all the feeling you want. Release your emotions! Sprint hard!


FAXI is one of Nothosaur's proud designs this year. A fantasy toy that combines dragons and canine animals. The slightly flared head, the super frictional dragon scale armor, and the unexpected, round-knotted. Constantly squeezed and contracted by the frictional inner lining, FAXI aims to make you experience the sensation of being filled.

IPONY is a Nothosaur's new inspiration this year - A small toy that can be worn out. The overall texture is smooth, no exaggerated texture brings the burning sensation of rough friction; but it is not completely absent, the slightly open head gives you the pleasure of being invaded and explored, and the small knotted brings irresistible aggression.

WIZ is a feline-inspired fantasy toy from Nothosaur. With tiny barbs around its head and swollen blood vessels in its shaft - WIZ is the perfect choice for those who want to experience the thrill of being rubbed roughly. Don't be timid, the overall shape of the WIZ is quite gentle and gentlemanly. The slightly round head let it in the first time into you will not have an offensive emotion. As you go deeper, the circumference of the WIZ gradually increases, the gentle and full pleasure is unforgettable. It will be a gentle and pleasant riding experience.


ARIES - always hot, always full of passion, sincere and honest teenager. Its bottom is surrounded by curved horns. It can bring subtle friction resistance, you can not ignore it when sliding into & out.

SCORPIO - A man who is sensitive and looking forward to being loved. The unique head slightly cocked small tip, in teasing and titillation directly hit your sensitive place. The streamlined body presents a smooth muscular beauty, realistic sense of limb, and full of aggressive curves, is approaching your limits ... An invasion that cannot be denied is on...

TAURUS - A warrior. A complex toy. Pierced rings, bumps, dents, gold coins, bullhorns, and multi-layered overlay structures make up the sculpture of the Taurus. Playing with it to get the richest sense of friction. It is more suitable for those who prefer a rugged body.

CRABOO - Nothosaur has chosen a double-entry design, highly reproducing the shape of the crab's pincers. It is hard to imagine how the "pincers" will please you. Then let's experience it! The long shaft is designed for deep experience, the short shaft for friction and external stimulation

OGG - Ovipositor has always been Nothosaur's ace toy. In 2022, Nothosaur is launching an egg that can be used with the ovipositor; No longer satisfied with the traditional gelatin eggs? The OGG-silicone egg is fully integrated with alien elements, giving you a visual, psychological, and physical triple amazing experience when laying them out!


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