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Nothosaur Grinder Sex Toy

Dry humping is the act of sexual grinding without penetration.
Humping and grinding toys are specifically designed for external stimulation of the vulva, making them an excellent choice for both solo masturbation and enhancing foreplay. The focused stimulation directly on the clitoris and surrounding areas can result in intense and prolonged pleasure, often leading to powerful orgasms.


Why do we enjoy grinding or humping?

Usually by several reasons:
Stimulation: Humping and grinding can provide direct and intense stimulation to erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, which can lead to sexual arousal and pleasure.

Foreplay: grinding can be a fun and arousing form of foreplay that enhances the overall sexual experience. Allowing individuals and couples to explore different sensations and techniques.

Solo Play: Some people find humping and grinding pleasurable during solo play as it allows them to control the pressure and rhythm to suit their sexual preferences.

Intimacy: For couples, it can be an intimate and passionate way to connect with a partner.

Fantasy: grinder can play into fantasies or fetishes that individuals or couples may have. Nothosaur grinding sex toys are designed with fantasy in mind. Let's make our fantasies come true.

Experimentation: Trying new things and discovering what brings pleasure is a natural part of human sexuality.

What is Grinding Sex Toys?

Grinders are the hot new thing in sex toys. Grinder sex toy is used for external stimulation, by rubbing sensitive body areas(for example genitalia, nipples, the perineum, the vulva, the phalloclitoris, etc), against the textured silicone surface. Nothosaur Grinder toys come in a variety of shapes, along with many unique designs and textured surfaces.

What parts of the body can grinding toy (rubbing toy) stimulate?

Grinding sex toys are primarily designed for external stimulation and can stimulate various parts of the body, depending on how we are used.

Vulva: Grinding toys are often used to stimulate the vulva, including the clitoral area, labia, and surrounding erogenous zones, which are highly sensitive. They can provide intense and pleasurable sensations to these areas.
Perineum: Some individuals enjoy using grinding toys to stimulate the perineum, the area between the vaginal orifice and the anus.
Nipples: While not their primary purpose, some grinding toys can also be used to stimulate the nipples, enhancing overall arousal.
Other Erogenous Zones: Such as the neck, inner thighs, or anywhere that provides pleasure.

It's important to remember that the effectiveness and comfort of stimulation can vary from person to person.
Additionally, always prioritize consent, lubrication, and hygiene when using any sex toy.

How To Use Grinding Toys?

1. Before using any sex toy, it's crucial to clean it thoroughly. This ensures hygiene and safety.
2. No matter what you’re doing with it, use lube. Lubrication enhances comfort and make everything feel better.
3. Put the grinding toy on a flat surface (chair, stool, arm of the couch, pillow), then sit on the toy and grind or hump on it.
4. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the sensations. Take your time and experiment with different angles and positions to find what feels best for you.
5. After use, make sure to clean the toy again. Proper cleaning and maintenance prolong the life of the toy.
6. Store your grinding sex toy in a dry place. Keep it away from children and pets.

Nothosaur Grinding Sex Toys Guide


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