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What are animal dildos?

Animal dildo is a kind of creature cocks inspired by the penis of an animal in nature or the distinctive features of it.

Gosh, there are so many options in this category! Whether you're a pup play enthusiast or you like to play with fantasy dildo or you're from furry fandom, you're going to love these wild sex toys!

The definition of this cute toy is very broad, it can look like an animal from nature or from the world of literature! Some of the most classic types are the dog knot, dragon, horse, alien, and tenticle dildo!There's even a cyberpunk one and a monster one.

Animal style sex toys can satisfy the vast majority of people with mild sexual fetishes!

Animal Dildo For Riding

There are many different types of animal dildo for riding in Nothosaur animal range. For example FAXI it is a fantasy animal dildo with knot which is a combination of dog and dragon. It has unique dragon scales on its body, and the knot is the special logo of dog dildo. Each part is lifelike, stimulating your imagination and sexual desire.

Horse dildo Conola, when you ride it, offers stability and support with its thick base and powerful suction cup. You will notice the veins and realistic texture, breaking through its inner ring, designed for erogenous zones, cleverly stimulating the G-spot, P-spot, and providing anal pleasure, bringing explosive orgasms.

Each animal dildo is meticulously designed and crafted to resemble lifelike features. Features like ridges and bumps have been carefully designed, and there is a great variety in sizes, enhancing overall pleasure and immersion. Additionally, the bottom is equipped with a suction cup for hands-free use, adding excitement in the bedroom.

How to choose the right furry sex toys for you?

There are thousands of animal species in the world and so are their dildos.

Below I can give you a few simple guidelines for determining your favorite type:

  1. If you are fond of cute little animals, love ACGN culture, want to try anime dildo, or obsessed with those furry costumes, I recommend that you can learn about Nothosaur's GRAEMEN, FAMARIO, and HOGGE, they are some cute and charming characters, and the base has fluffy animal hair texture appearance design, which can give you a kind of tickle tickle feeling and enjoy a gentle massage during your use.

  2. Prefer something more magical or out of reality?Then come and take a look! The appearance doesn't have to be based on the penis of the animal, like our tentacle dildo, dragon claws and tongue dildo, unique shapes created by our team of designers! Nothosaur's crew is a group of youths who love video games and have a unique aesthetic, and they always come up with interesting ideas and great products! Especially the Meo's claw, you can play a special way to experience the "finger-licking" feeling that realistic dildos can't do!

  3. Experienced players shouldn't miss out on alla, abyss, conola, avoyo and hunter jack!These five long dildos all bring you a completely different feeling! The two tentacle sex toys have different features, the abyss looks like a simple tentacle specimen with a realistic appearance and a slightly wider head giving you a knobby layered look, while the alla is longer and bigger! Countless suction cups massage your pussy with continuous orgasms! The three Horse dildos, on the other hand, have realistic muscle and vein textures, thick and flat horse glans that can be a bit hard to get into at first, but once successfully inserted into the body, you'll absolutely love the sensation!

You can decide the type of animal dildos you like based on the above, not only that, Nothosaur also offers toy Firmness options and color customization services!