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Nothosaur Butt Plug

If you're here, there's a good chance you're into anal play or at the very least, you're curious about Nothosaur butt plugs.

Nothosaur introduces a brand new collection of butt plugs, made from safe silicone material, aiming to provide the best butt plugs for everyone, allowing people of all genders to enjoy stimulation and new experiences.

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What is an anal plug?

An anal plug, also known as a butt plug, is a type of sex toy designed for anal play. It typically has a tapered or bulbous shape for easy insertion and a flared base to prevent it from getting lost inside the rectum. Anal plugs are categorized into regular anal plugs and Fetish plugs. Compared to regular anal plugs, Fetish plugs often feature tail elements at the base, which can be in the form of animals or other fantasy creatures.
Anal plugs are often made from materials such as silicone, rubber, or metal. They are used to stimulate the anus and can be enjoyed by individuals or couples as part of sexual activities. It's important to use appropriate lubrication and go at a pace comfortable for the person using the plug to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What do anal plugs do?

Your anus is chock-full of sensitive nerve endings that feel fant-ass-tic when stimulated. Your butt hole is also the gateway to the prostate — also known as the “male G-spot” — and roundabout to the vaginal A-spot and G-spot.
If you have a prostate, butt plugs can stimulate it; if you have a vagina, a butt plug can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall.

How do I choose butt plugs?

Before hastily adding a new toy to the shopping cart, consider the following factors carefully.

Base Design: If it doesn't have a flared-shaped base or a larger base, it may not be suitable for your butt. Due to the typically constricted state of the anal sphincter at the end of the rectum. Having a flared-shaped base ensures that insertion or removal will be easier when it matters.
A well-designed flared-shaped base can also secure the toy in place.

Texture and Material: Texture is something to consider in terms of how you like to be stimulated. Do you like the feeling of hardness? Do you enjoy the idea of soft and elastic? Different toys can help you achieve the feeling you're after, so keep that in mind while you shop.
In terms of materials, we recommend platinum silicone and stainless steel.

Girth: You should pay more attention to girth than length, especially if you are completely new to any kind of anal play. It is advisable to start with small size.

How to use anal plug?

For starters, use more lube for anal than you think you need. Since the anus does not self lubricate like the vagina, always use plenty of lubrication. The anus and rectum are delicate. Lubrication helps to prevent tears and soreness, and it usually makes anal play feel more pleasurable. If you use a silicone toy, use a water-based lube.

You can also expect to need some patience. Relaxing two sphincters in the anal canal is necessary beforehand. The external sphincter can be controlled voluntarily, allowing you to clench or open it by willing yourself.

If you are a beginner, it is important to focus on relaxation and ensuring sufficient lubrication. Prior to proceeding, you can relax by taking a warm bath, and then apply a generous amount of lubricant to the anal area and butt plug. Begin by gently pressing the tip of the anal plug against the opening of the anus and gradually insert it deeper. If you experience any discomfort or pain, it is crucial to immediately stop.

How do you clean and store it?

Before and After use, it is important to clean the anal plug with mild soap and running water to prevent bacterial growth. Once you've cleaned your toy, make sure it's fully dry before storing it. If you have a storage bag or box, please use it.