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War Of Notho

⚔️War of Notho takes place in the Nyarenna era of this continent.
It was a time of war and strife, and there were more than a few conflicts between the various races.
One day, the seal of the shadow beast Ganzandar was released by the Evil Spirit Tribe who were about to become extinct, which meant that this continent would be destroyed, losing all the life and color. Nothosaur, the leader of the Dragons, sensed the seriousness of the matter, and gathered all the people on the continent to fight against this powerful enemy. This war made all the people of all races and kingdoms forget about their past grudges, forget their hatred, and really unite together to fight side by side, changing the future of this continent.🛡️
After the end of the war, all tribes, races and nations embraced together, in which the commander of the battle, Nothosaur, was honored by all. In order to maintain the peace of this continent, the heads of the various groups signed the " Dawn Pact", and this continent officially entered the Dawn Era, and it was named as Nothosaur mainland.

Story by Zachary

Design sketch