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🎉At Nothosaur's Toys, we have always followed the customer-centric service concept. As a token of our appreciation, we will offer you 25% off to our birthday customers.

Here are the rules, no exceptions please:
Please leave us your message on chat within 7 days before your birthday.
Provide a photo of a government issued ID that shows full name (We only use it to confirm).
And we will offer you with a 25%off coupon.
Please make the order before the coupon is invalid (The coupon will be valid for 7 days).

*Your ID must show your birth date and be issued by a government agency.
*This offer CANNOT be combined with any other offers or available discounts.

Please do not attempt to cheat or ask for any exceptions to the rules above.
We reserve the right to refuse this offer to anyone for any reason.

🎉Thanks and happy birthday!