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General Toy Care

• Before the game, you must be clean thoroughly with soap and warm water then either dry them with a clean towel or let them air dry. Our toys have a habit - they hate the detergent but must pay special attention to the gully on their body they also need to wash.
Remember play with them in lubricant if not I am worried you will be hurt. (We suggest using the good-quality Water-based lubricant).
Everyone is different don't play with them forcibly. Play with them as comfortably as you can.

• When you've finished using your toy, it's important to clean the toy thoroughly. We recommend using soap and warm water.

• When storing your toys, try to do so in a way that protects them. We recommend ziplock bags or clean drawstring bags, stored in a dry location where they will not be squished and are unlikely to have anything spilled on them.

• The last thing you need to know is they can’t be exposed to the sun and can’t be seen by children. And make sure to avoid storing them in contact with other brands or types of toys. (When stored touching toys made of other plastic materials, the materials may react and cause one or all toys to damage.)


• Remember to wash it before the next use as well, gets rid of lint and anything you missed during the last wash.

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