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🌈Nothosaur customization provides various color options to make a product closer to the customer's idea. We will explain and display seven types of color variation. It is recommended that you read it carefully, then choose according to your needs and preferences.

🌈Color variation type: Solid color, Fade color, Marble color, Split color, Covered colors.
Different toy shapes have different options of color types.

Solid Color Custom

Solid Color refers to the entire toy being one color, evenly throughout. If you can't find the color you want on the color chart, please contact us.

Fade Color Custom

Fade Color refers a gradient of one color to another. There is a smooth transition between the colors, such as a fade from red to black where red starts at the top/tip, transitions into a darker shade of red in the middle, and then fades to black at the bottom/base.

Marble Color Custom

Marble Color refers to a random mix of two or three colors, creating a marble or swirl effect, you can still distinguish each color. Each marble color is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Split Color Custom

Split Color refers to a design where there is a clear split between two/three colors. We first pour and solidify the silicone with the first color, then pour the second color on top. A split can be a perfectly straight and clean line, or it might have a slightly fade, like a tiny fading in tiny area where the colors meet.

Covered Color Custom

Covered color refers to a design where two colors create a layering effect, with one color on the inside and another on the outside. The outer color is more thinly, allowing the inner color to show through perfectly. This pouring design is often used for toys with more details, as it enhances the visual appeal.

🌈Regardless of the color variation, the most important thing is to create the one-of-a-kind product you've imagined.
If you have other needs and ideas, you can contact us to communicate. We together create fantastic miracles and find our happiness in the world of Nothosaur.
Please feel free to contact us via Email or Twitter if you have any questions.