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Squirting, Ejaculating, and Cumming Dildos

Nothosaur Cumming Dildos

Ejaculation can potentially enhance sexual experiences and provide psychological satisfaction. This is not an unfounded claim. For some individuals, witnessing ejaculation is an extremely pleasurable experience. Whether it's out of novelty, a fantasy of being covered in semen, or for other purposes, owning an Ejaculating Dildo is a good choice.

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How do I use it?

Nothosaur Fantasy Squirting & Ejaculating Dildos have realistic penis simulation functions. They squirt and lubricate through a syringe. These Semenette toys/cumming dildos mimic the ejaculation of a penis, and the intensity of the squirt depends on the force you use with the syringe. If you want to feel a significant impact of semen entering internally, you can increase the force of the injection.

Is it easy to clean?

It only takes five steps.For detailed instructions with images, please see How to use a Cumtube Toys.

Is Nothosaur's Ejaculating Dildos Safe?

We believe Ejaculating Dildos are safe unless John Wick is attacking you with Ejaculating Dildos. Our products are made of skin-friendly platinum silicone.

1, Silicone's Non-Porous Nature

Silicone doesn't have any small holes or gaps on its surface. This means that bacteria can't find any places to hide!

2.Hypoallergenic Qualities of Silicone

It's extremely rare for anyone to be allergic to silicone. So, while we can't completely rule out the possibility.

3.Silicone as a Non-Toxic Material

Silicone is a safe material. It's inert, which means it doesn't react with other substances, and it's harmless. It doesn't release any harmful or harsh chemicals that could harm you or the environment. This is unlike many other products made from vinyl, which can release chemicals.
it feels soft and delicate, just like real skin. While being soft, it also has inherent toughness, which allows it to have enough strength to enter your body.

Cum Lubes

CUM LUBRICANT utilizes a water-based lubricant, all of its components are harmless to the human body. However, to avoid unnecessary complications due to allergies to certain ingredients, please review the ingredient list thoroughly prior to use.

Cum Lubes

Get the Most Lifelike Experience with a Squirting Dildo

To provide a better user experience, Nothosaur's products not only allow you to choose the size, but players with higher requirements for sexual experience can choose the size according to the position of their G-spot and P-spot to achieve the most wonderful stimulation. Nothosaur's products even offer many (customizable) colors to meet users' individuality and exclusive visual impact. This not only showcases your taste and personality but also matches different outfits and scenes, making the image of the penis more in line with your environment.

Nothosaur's Ejaculating Dildos series has many appearances to choose from, different appearances mean more fantasies and possibilities. In its design, it incorporates the fantastical color of Nothosaur Mainland characteristics, completely freeing the constraints of sexual fantasies.

At the same time, different sizes, colors, and appearances will bring more sexual experiences. For example, if you want more sexual partners to participate in your sex life, then the suction cup setting of Ejaculating Dildos can be directly installed on various flat surfaces. This hands-free design allows Ejaculating Dildos to stand erect in various places at the same time, so players can use them from multiple angles and in multiple positions at the same time.

Developing new sexual experiences with your partner

Most people may think that once you have a partner, the existence of sex toys is not significant. But I don't think so. On the contrary, the appropriate use of adult toys is a valuable experience in developing new experiences with your partner/lover. When traditional sex has made you aesthetically tired, the joy that Nothosaur brings to you is just beginning. This can not only give you more pleasure physically but also make you realize each other's deep desires.

There are enough shackles and rules in life, but there are no secrets between lovers.


How To Use A Toy With A Cumtube