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Appearance Design:
Start with the pronounced, flared tip, shivering with excitement as you grind deeper into the rubbing of its armor. Just when you thought it was the end, FAXI will give you another shiver with a thick bulbous knot, and you can't help but howl after you've completed this challenge. You'll be fascinated by FAXI's most exciting features.

FAXI is Dragon and canine rolled into one. is perfect for intermediate players. And well suited for vaginal and anal stimulation. FAXI pairs perfectly with a cumtube is sure to make you call to the heavens in ecstasy. Cumtube version + suction cup will also bring a new dimension to this unforgettable experience.
How To Custom Color

Our toys usually can be custom Solid color、Marble color, Fade color、Split color、Covered color, etc.
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Firmness Guide

We offer Soft, Medium, and Hard as solid firmness options on our Toys. Click here for more information.

Vac-U-Lock Adapter

Most Nothosaur toys come with suction cup. If you want to use it with a sex machine.
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About Packaging

We value the privacy of our customers and are committed to providing you with more quality services.
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Toys Care

Silicone is very strong, but you also need to know how to care for it.
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