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Nothosaur Penis Extender Sleeve

Penis extender sleeve (Penis sheath) are worn over the penis, and can be closed at the top or have an open tip. They can also be smooth or have stimulating nubs for extra pleasure. These sleeves slide over the penis and can add extra inches in length and thickness, enhancing sexual pleasure for both partners.

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What is a Penis Sleeve (Penis Sheath)?

Penis sleeves, also known as penis extender , cock sleeves, cock sheath or penis sheath, are sex toys designed to increase the length and/or girth of a penis temporarily. And enabling you to reach your partner's g-spot with ease.

With Nothosaur fantasy penis extender, you can enhance penetration and pleasure with something that feels natural and comfortable.

How to choose a Penis Sheath?

This is the most important step if you're wondering how to choose your Nothosaur wearable penis sheath.
Your measurements should be based on what state you will be in when you are using a penis sleeve.
Most penis sheath should fit snugly but comfortably over your penis when it's erect.
1. Using a flexible tape to measure your girth, take the tape measure and wrap it around the circumference of your penis. For the most accurate measurement, do this right around mid-shaft.
2. Using a flexible tape to measure the length of your penis. Just put the tape at the base of your penis. Measure in a straight line to the tip of your penis.
3. Measure the girth and length of your penis and then match it up to the selections we offer.

Do you need to use Lube with Penis Extension Sleeves?

In a word...yes. All of Nothosaur Cock Sheath are made out of 100% platinum silicone! You must use one with a water base lubricant. Using silicone or oil lubes will break down the material sleeves are made of and ruin your toy.
And you should apply it to your penis before putting it on and to the sheath or your partner before penetration.

How to wear and use a Penis Sheath (penisextender sleeve toy)?

Using an penis extender couldn't be easier.
Step 1. Simply add some water-based lube to the inside of the sleeve and to yourself.
Step 2. Place your extender sleeve over your partially erect or flaccid penis. Pull the sheath down until the bottom of the sheath rests against the base of your penis. Securing the testicle ring around your balls.
Step 3. Adjust the sheath to feel comfortable and stay in place when you stroke it firmly.

Nothosaur Penis Sleeves have added texture on the outside for extra stimulation for your partner. Slowly insert the cock sheath into your partner while ensuring the lube is evenly distributed and your partner is comfortable.

How do you Clean a Cock Sleeve (Penis Sheath/Cock Sleeve)?

Penis sleeves aren't disposable like a condom; these products are toys meant to be used many times over and over again. Given the presence of body fluids inside and outside the sleeve, proper cleaning is essential to prevent harmful bacteria and mold growth. Regular cleaning results in penis sleeves that last longer and provide more pleasure.

The best method for cleaning would be to run hot water down the inside chamber of the sleeve as well as all over the outside. Use a mild soap to thoroughly clean off any bacteria.

After cleaning, store the peins sleeve in a dry and clean space for future use.

Can I use an Penis Sheath/Cock Sleeve as a Condom?

Please note that these are not contraceptive devices and are not intended to prevent any disease. Safe sex is always advised, such as condom use.


How to Use a Penis Extender (Penis sheath)