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🛡️It can be used on male genitalia, other Nothosaur toys, or anything else you may need to enhance! It's no longer a simple accessory, but a powerful armor, a brave weapon🛡️

📖MEO'S ClOAK Usage📖

※Use water-based lubricants, Stretch MEO'S ClOAK

※Start at the head and stretch towards the base.

※Finally, the MEO'S ClOAK offers a unique ball strap to keep the fitted perfectly on anything that balls.

※It's made out of the same high-quality silicone you're familiar with from Nothosaur. Tall flexibility, Soft, and Comfortable.

※Our MEO is sure to make you a king among Nothosaur with its girth and thickness! 

※Let's your own shift into something thick and sensational.💪

🌈Custom color🌈

Solid Color: refers to the entire toy being one color, evenly throughout.

Covered Color refers to a design where two colors create a layering effect, with one color on the inside and another on the outside.

Click on the link to get your armor🔗MEO'S ClOAK

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