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👻Nothosaur Mainland is about to usher in the annual Halloween carnival. Every character will change into spooky colorful costumes during the spooky Season. Dance together, Trick or Treat together.

👻Nothosaur Mainland wants to Surprise you this year. Choose a Halloween Surprise Color, we will randomly customize a Halloween coloration for you. It's like playing Russian roulette, never knowing what's dropping.

👻Webside address: nothosaur-toys.com

👻Vaild date: 2022/10/15-2022/10/31

🎃How to Order🎃

① Select the toy you want and choose a suitable size. 
② Select the "Halloween Surprise Color" Option
③ Choose the suitable firmness. Ps: Some molds do not support custom firmness. For more details please contact us. 
④ But it Now. And wait for the surprise


🎃The Halloween Surprise Color Includes🎃

  • 1x Random Halloween Color Toy
  • 1x Halloween Sticker
  • 1x Little Dong
  • 1x Brand card
  • 1x Storage bag
  • Buy Halloween Surprise Color Get 1 Lubricant

👻This is a Limited Halloween Surprise Color option and will only be available for Halloween THIS YEAR!!! 👻

🎃Halloween Coloration Preview🎃

👻Halloween Surprise Colors include but are not limited to the below coloration.

👿Sinister Troll

☠️Wizard Fingers 

💀Spooky Curse

🎩Spooky Fairy Color


※The above interpretation rights are reserved by Nothosaur.
※If there is anything question, please contact us via chat or DM on Twitter.

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