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⏰Black Friday Sale: Nov.24 00:00 - Dec.1 23:59 PST


Toys Range: Sitewide
Discount Requirements: Buy 2 or More toys 
Shopping tips: Buy More, Save More 

※Purchase more than 2 toys to GET 15%Off. No Code Need. Add your order to the cart and we’ll show you how much it will cost before you place your order!

✨How To Get More Gifts:

Free Gift with $99.99+ Purchase 
Free Gift with $299.99+ Purchase 
Free Gift with $399.99+ Purchase 

※The above gifts will not be displayed when you place your order. We will add the gifts to your package based on your order.


November specific season color - Winter❄️
Free customization fee for winter colors

※The little dong will not be displayed when you place your order. We will add it to your package.

❓Q: What is Nothosaur's Black Friday event? When does it begin? 
A: Nothosaur's Black Friday event is buying 2 or more and getting 15% off. If the final payment amount reaches the gift condition, you will also get a Black Friday gift.


❓Q: What are the levels of Black Friday gifts? 
A: There are three gift levels.
If the purchase amount is over: 
$99.99+: Set of Dice
$299.99+: A Mystery Gift ($69.99 full value)
$399.99+: A Mystery Gift ($89.99 full value)


❓Q: Will the Black Friday gifts stack up? 
A: Gifts are not stacking. But the higher the purchase amount, the more surprises you get (Nothosaur likes surprises, hope you do too) 


❓Q: If I order a toy, will there be a discount? 
A: No. But our Black Friday Sale is a sitewide event, we recommend that you can be purchased a lube together, so you can get 15% Off. 


❓Q: If I order a toy and the payment amount reaches the gift condition, will I get a gift? 
A: No (but Nothosaur likes surprises, maybe you will). You can purchase a lube together to get 15% Off. 


❓Q: It is my first time buying and using Nothosaur toys, what would you recommend? 
A: This is an article about how to choose toys (Which Nothosaur Toy Is Right For Me?)
If you still can't make a decision and hope to have a surprise, you can order the mystery box.
You can get 15% off when you order two mystery boxes.


❓Q: I have $400 but don't know what should I order. 
A: You can take a look at our NEW Nothosaur products!!! FAXI and IPONY are the hottest toys in 2022. MOOM and WIZ are the best design product of Nothosaur in 2022. Don't miss them!!!
Please choose Abyss if you are a deep player and tentacles lover.
If the purchase amount is over $399.99, you can get a mystery gift( $89.99 value). 


❓Q: Is there any delay in delivery during Black Friday? 
A: Please don't worry, we will send out your toys within 4 days. Please allow us some more time for production if it is a customized order. Usually, the package takes 15 days to transport. Please be patient.✈️ 


❓Q: After receiving the goods, what should I do if there are product problems and gifts are missing? 
A: Please take photos of the products you received and contact us, we will check and find a proper solution for you.


※Nothosaur reserves all rights to this event.
※If there is anything question, please contact us via chat or DM on Twitter.

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