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Are you interested in Nothosaur fantasy toy? But you are worried about that  "I don't know which kind of toy is right for me"? 

In this article, We're going to recommend Nothosaur toys for different stages of this Nothosaur toy simply and understandably.

We want you to know what kind of player you are.
Beginner? Advanced? Expert?
Then choose the most suitable Nothosaur toy according to your needs.


Feature of Beginners:
① Rarely or even never used adult toy
② Little understanding of adult toy
Toy features for Beginners:
① The toy is small in size and easy to enter.
② The entry surface is relatively smooth, which will not bring too much difficulty to beginners.
Recommended for Beginners:
Generally speaking, the larger the selected size or the more uneven the entry head, the more difficult it is to enter, which will make beginners afraid of sex toys, which will lead to fear of certain types of sex toys. We will select and introduce standard and popular Nothosaur toys. In the choice of length and diameter, start from a small size.


Nothoosaur - WIZ

Recommended Firmness: Soft/Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: The design inspiration comes from the legendary beast in ancient China - 白泽 (WIZ). A rounded head will be suitable for slide in, the overall length and thickness are moderate. Symmetrical, and dense barbs in the middle and upper part will also bring a more special experience.

Nothosaur - Abyss

Recommended Firmness: Soft/Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: The design is inspired by the movie "Abyss", the pointed tip is easier to enter the body, and the back is slightly bulged, which not only allows beginners to better complete the pulling and plugging action, but also feel the stimulation.

Nothosaur - Famario

Recommended Firmness: Soft/Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: The design is based on elk, and the head imitates human design. The standard head makes it easier for beginners, the surface is designed with veins texture, and they rub inside. It is more comfortable to use than traditional smooth surfaces.


Advanced Features:
① Use frequently, but with a fixed style.
② Use medium to large toys, fixed style.
③ Looking for breakthrough toys.
Toy features for Advanced:
① The size of the toy is gradually larger.
② The surface has unique lines or raised textures to increase stimulation.
③ Start to challenge different types (with cumtube toy)
Recommended for Advanced:
We will select and introduce toys with unique designs or larger sizes, so that advanced players have a wider range of choices.
The toy has also expanded from "put in" to "develop more places".


Nothosaur - Mephisto

Recommended Firmness: Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: There are six rings in MEPHISTO. Creatively designed with an upturned tip, round ridges, thickened stripes, and incredible bulge. It rubs the inside as it slides in and out. Feel the feeling of breaking through the clouds and breaking the storm.

Nothosaur - Necrons

Recommended Firmness: Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: It's a very designed toy, the head is square design. A flexible bending shaft is used for G-spot or prostate stimulation. And it is higher than the average toy height, which will produce a super full feeling when using it.
NECRONS is also available in cumtube version.

Nothosaur - Conola

Recommended Firmness: Medium/Hard
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: The CONOLA has a great plump shaft, it has great control when inserting. The flared head is slightly larger than the shaft. Once inside, you must be amazed by its impressive girth and length.It can mimic ejaculation, bringing a whole new experience ride!


Experts Features:
① Very familiar with adult toys.
② The size used is larger.
③ There are a wide variety of adult toys involved (cumtube toys, ovipositor, etc)
④ Have an understanding of your stimulation points and have your own needs for toys.
Toy features for Experts:
① Mainly based on the strongest orgasm achieved.
② The pursuit of inside fullness. Not just limited to the shape and design of the toy, nor just to the stimulation of one point of inside.
③ Very willing to challenge various styles of toys.
Recommended for Experts:
We will select and introduce toys with a unique design or large size, which are more difficult to play with. But the Stimulation of fullness and novelty is indescribable.


Nothosaur - AbyssII

Recommended Firmness: Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: Realistic tentacle toy with two rows of suction cups in the front and smooth ravines in the back for exploring deeper. Its pointed head is designed to inside easier, and its flexible shaft slides deep into you, bringing an unprecedented experience.
In addition to being an anus stimulating and G-spot massager, it can also be used as a whip to the butt for a sense of conquest.

Nothosaur - Zerger

Color can be customized
Recommended reason: The ovipositor is inspired by the Zerg of StarCraft. Claw opening with serrate detail, raised back, and multi-skeleton design, increase the inside stimulation. The Ovipositor is basically a big dildo that lays goopy eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity of your choice. The sensation of mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping back out of them is a real treat.

Nothosaur - Taurus

Recommended Firmness: Medium
Color can be customized
Recommended reason: Inspired by the constellation Taurus, the second house of the zodiac. It's designed with a jeweled gold bracelet lock ring as a decoration. We use a lot of bulging muscles and soaring meridians to reflect the TAURUS sense of strength. Its boasts impressive girth and length. You won't want to stop.