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Big thanks to all our devoted fans for joining Nothosaur on an exhilarating journey throughout 2023. 💞💞
As we approach the end of 2023, we are delighted to announce the commencement of our second Nothosaur Champion event.
The quest for the ultimate Nothosaur champion is on! 👑
Whether you have a collection of Nothosaur toys or just one, now's the time to showcase them.
Don't have a Nothosaur toy yet? Seize the opportunity and grab yours soon. Let the champion event excitement begin!


Step 1: Take out all your Nothosaur toys and take a photo

Step 2: Share your photo in the comments and tag @NothosaurToys and #2023NothosaurChampion

Step 3: Increase your chances by retweeting this post and follow @NothosaurToys

🏁 Deadline: January 1, 2024
🎉 Winners Announced: January 5, 2024


👑 Nothosaur Collector Award * 1

In appreciation for your steadfast love and collection of Nothosaur toys
※Selection Criteria: The award will be given to the participant who owns the most Nothosaur toys among all participants.

🎁Prizes:Trophy*1 & Free Toy *1

👑 Outstanding Influencer Award * 1

In appreciation for a year of continuous support and promotion of Nothosaur!
※Selection Criteria: Chosen by Nothosaur's marketing team.

🎁Prizes:Trophy*1 & Free Toy *1

👑 Ultimate Supporter Award * 1

In appreciation of unwavering support for Nothosaur throughout the year!
※Selection Criteria: The highest total expenditure in 2023 will earn this prestigious title.

🎁Prizes:Trophy*1 & Free Toy *1

🏆 More Giveaways:

3 Winners: $100 store gift card each
4 Winners: Exclusive 20% discount code each

Thank you to the fans for their unwavering support of Nothosaur Fantasy Toys in 2023!!!
※Selection Criteria:
 Randomly chosen from participants. Special and exquisite photos will increase the chances of winning.

<1> It is forbidden to use other people's pictures. Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified.
<2> Entries must be submitted within the validity period of the event.
<3> OGG only counts as 1. Little dong is not included.

※Nothosaur reserves all rights to this event.
※If there is anything question, please contact us via chat or DM on Twitter.

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