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I've always wanted a big knotted fantasy toy, and I've been eyeing Nothosaur's Graemen toy for quite some time now. It's quite big compared to other fantasy toys (like Bad Dragon). A huge, swelled up werewolf boyfriend. You can see a past review of another Nothosaur toy (zebra) I did here.
For background: I'm an AMAB non-binary femboy-presenting submissive, and an anal and oral toy user.
I got the XXL, which has a diameter of about 2.35 inches in the middle, and a thick knot (at almost 3 inches). There are a bunch of other sizes if you're looking to go smaller.
Preview video of the toy: https://redgifs.com/watch/elementarylightblackbear You can also check out my profile for more videos in use soon (but not posted here for sub rules).
I got a custom color, and the coloration is beautiful toned and tapered with a dark red, to the black fur on the balls.

The review!

• Silicone: Just as with my other review of Nothosaur, the silicone is really great, premium material. It's quite smooth, but you can still feel those thick veins.

• Firmness: I believe it's a medium density silicone firmness, and this one actually feels a bit more firm than the other Nothosaur toy I bought. This aspect is fine because you really feel the shaft as it enters you. The one thing I kind of wish they would improve is that the top of the shaft is quite pointy, and when it's deep inside, you can really feel it prod you hard – if you like that it's great, but I wish it could be a split firmness with a softer entrance point.

• Size: OMG the size... it's just O-pulsing. That knot is quite thick and I can't quite take it anally, but you can really feel the pressure as it pushes against you. I love the size of the shaft though, it starts off around 1.7 inches and then opens up to about 2.3 inches, and you can really feel it bulge. It tapers off a bit more closer to the knot, so you can get that "plugged up" feeling without fully taking the bulb at the bottom. Also, the balls are HUGE, and if you like the texture of riding a toy or getting it slammed into you, you'll love that weighty feeling. Feels like werewolf boy is really riding full.

• Usability: It's a great toy for floor action, and there's a built in suction cup. I found that it doesn't quite stick to the wall, but it works amazing on the floor (unless you ride it quite hard, and then it sometimes pops off...). It's just a bit too big to attach to a fucking machine, but it's definitely possible. And harness wise, it JUST fits an o-ring, but might require your partner to hold it up with all that weight behind the testicles. For anal use, it is really just the perfect length. For oral, if you're looking for throat action, you can use it, though again just watch out for that pointed tip... but the knot is super fun for facefucking.

• Cumtube: I actually ordered a cumtube version and they did not include it, unfortunately... but I would be very interested to have that inside this toy (again, for the large balls/breeding play aspect of it all).

• Pricing: Compared to Bad Dragon you're saving some cash, definitely, and also wait times because BD is so behind on orders still due to the pandemic... But this design is very different from any other werewolf-style offerings I've seen (again, big balls on this boy). I believe Nothosaur is also doing some after-holiday sales still, if you want to get in on that action (check their Twitter for codes).

• Overall, if you want to try fantasy toys, Nothosaur's line has been really fun to use so far, and this Graemen toy is no exception. I keep coming back to use it, both for its aesthetics and for the fullness it provides at its size. I'd rate this a buy, at least the soft firm was version, especially if you're been looking for any new "knotted" fantasy toys.
By taurosburger From Reddit