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Nothosaur Toys reached out to me awhile back and graciously offered to let me review one of their toys. Seeing how I've been interested in ovipositors for awhile, I jumped on the chance to take the Audrey II for a spin.

Shipping: Took 4 weeks from date of order, the ordering process was smooth and I was given a tracking number while the courier was through Yun Express.

External Unboxing: The packaging was discrete, wrapped in dark grey plastic and the sender was addressed as ‘TForce E-commerce’, nothing indicating there was a sex toy in the box. I very much appreciate this given my living situation with roommates.

The toy came in a cardboard box and included:

  1. A cloth bag for the toy, exactly sized.

  2. In individual vacuum sealed plastic bags, a good safety measure indicating that it was delivered in its original packaging:

  3. Small beautifully patterned silicone eggs, 1.0", the size I ordered

  4. The toy itself

  5. Egg trays in three different sizes - S, M, L, plus the plastic plunger for the toy

  6. Freebies: - Keychain: I only wish there were more, it’s adorable.

  • Post cards: I really liked how the art images were very tasteful with no obvious genitalia exposed so theoretically I could display them on my collectible art shelf and stick the side with the picture of the dildo to the wall.

  • Small stickers of some toy avatars: Super cute! I love the chibi art.

First impressions wise I’m pretty amazed at everything that came in the delivery. I’ve yet to receive another toy that came with all of these accessories. Well done, Nothosaur Toys!

Silicone Flame Test:

My method followed what I inferred from Dangerous Lilly’s website which was to hold the toy to a flame for 8 seconds. I tested two spots:

  • The bottom edge of the toy: grey ash that wiped off easily with slight material loss

  • One of the larger nubs of the toy near the base: black soot at the base that mostly wiped off with very minimal material loss and light grey ash that wiped off easily at the nub

The results are consistent with Lilly's interpretation guide for softer silicone more prone to those mild traces of flame testing. I repeated the test on the base of my Tantus OG Tsunami silicone and there were no traces of flame testing at all: no soot, no ash, no shiny surface, no deformity or material loss. But that’s a much higher density at least at 20A based on Felicity’s durometer guide compared to this one that I believe is closer to between 0050 density to 5A per my limited knowledge of only owning the BMS dual density that has that surface softness and no other single density toys near that range.

Toy surface: The surface was matte and sticky, which is similar to the Vixskin surface from the toys I’ve touched while browsing in-store. Definitely need lube for this toy to work smoothly. The coloring was decently true to the photos - there’s more green on the one I received.

Girth: In the 'M' size, it's 6.3 inches on the upper shaft as measured by me - I’d expected the shaft to fold a bit due to the fact it was hollow but that didn’t really happen. I had to warm up quite a while to play with the toy and it was an intense stretching feeling that I’m into, ymmv. In retrospect I wish the prongs were longer to allow for a more gradual stretching experience, so definitely work up to the girth with something else first.

Texture: I’d consider this low to moderate amount of texture, the max I can tolerate given my experiences with the BMS dual density. It’s the squishiest toy I’ve used and I’d rate it between 0050 to 5A based on my limited knowledge of softer toys.

I enjoyed the softness it has in single dual density - due to the texture, I used copious amounts of Slippery Stuff to help the glide and got the stimulation from clenching and grinding against it.

Eggs: The eggs are equally squishy and, from what I can tell, similar in density as the toy itself - likely around 0050. Once lubed up, the smallest size eggs (1.0”/#1) can slip through easily with the help of the plunger. This is where I found it somewhat more work than expected, to have my hands be occupied with the plunger and the toy itself. The eggs themselves are gorgeously detailed and luxuriously squishy. I was very pleased with the varied design and patterns that were included!

Maintenance: This is one where my inexperience with the softness of these toys may have come into play. I accidentally split apart one of the “petals/prongs” by trying to cleanly scrub the internal surface of the petal by turning it out. Don’t do that, because I created a small but clean rip on both sides of the petal by doing that. I believe it’s still safe for use, I’ll just need to rinse in there too. The inside was very soft and peeling a little when I tried to wipe the hollow surface with tissue paper. I’ll be more careful with my handling of this toy going forward. It has made me reconsider going too soft with my toys as well since I prefer something low maintenance as possible while high in orgasms and beauty.

Overall: This was a fun toy to receive and experiment with! I’m very thankful to Nothosaur Toys for giving me a chance to try out a toy I would’ve otherwise never tried. The Audrey II is a very gorgeously patterned silicone toy and feels delightfully squishy in use along with the exciting addition of the eggs. Do note that due to the density, it's especially delicate at the petals/prongs and hollow chamber. If you’re curious about any of the models they offer at all, I’d recommend checking them out.

By rainwriter2021 From Reddit

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