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Last time I took on the thick knot and long shaft of dragon daddy Mathayus. Now, if you're looking for more of a traditional dragon dick, Opaleye hits exactly the right spots~
This time around, I wanted to try out a more standard-sized toy (it's still a large...!!). At 2.2" thickness in its bulge and base hilt, and almost 7" of insertable length, this Opaleye takes on a typical fantasy dildo size – very thick and bulging in the right spots, but something I can really pump into me and hilt easily and quickly. It goes up to an XXL (3" girth, 10" length), so if you're a true size queen, you can find the biggest dragon in the cave if you go searching.
What's quite amazing about Opaleye's design is how SPINY it is. If you want a really great texture that you can feel when it puuuuuulls out, this dragon boy deserves entrance into... you. ;)
As usual, for background context on how I use this toy: I'm an AMAB non-binary femboy-presenting submissive, and an anal and oral toy user.

Some pictures:


I've loved Nothosaur's traditional dildo silicone texture. The equine toys seem to sometimes be too hard or too soft. Opaleye on the other hand is a PERFECT squish that makes it POP into yourself with a punch of pleasure. The toy doesn't bend much, so this is definitely a shaft for THRUSTing. If you like your Dragon Daddy's to be hard on your holes, this dildo is perfect for that kind of play.
The texture is what sells it. You can really feel (in a good, not-painful way) all of the little bumps, curves, bulges, and spines. And damn... those spines~ You can feel them pull at your entrance and pop-pop-pop inside you. So many shivers~
Definitely grab the medium firmness.

I got a custom color for this one, and I've never really played around purposefully with the metallic colors. But WOW – this dragon's a stunner. Silver and gold, just like Daddy's hoard.

See, here's the thing: most fantasy toys are really expensive. This guy though is REALLY cheap for the amount of bulge you get. The best part is it's available immediately, unlike Bad Dragon's wait times, so if you're looking for a reliable fantasy toy, Nothosaur's Opaleye can come fast (it only took about 2 weeks in the mail). And of course, check the store's Twitter account, because they frequently post discount codes if you're looking to grow your collection.

A great fantasy toy and a wonderful set of new textures to the larger lineup of dragon toys out there. If you're looking for a big "pumping" toy, I would really recommend picking up this guy.
Feel free to ask questions below, and go check out my other videos using the toy on my profile if you're interested.

By taurosburger From Reddit

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