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Ordering: Easy to navigate online store, large selection of different shaped toys. I was looking for a long, but not to wide tentacle, witch I found with ALLA.
Just a few clicks for size, firmness and colour and you are on your way to the shopping basket ….

Shipping: Finalized the order on May 11 th and the parcel arrived on June 5 th, Got the tracking number on May 15 th and could check the status of my parcel every day.

Unboxing: The box came wrapped in green plastic, no indicator of the contend could be found on the outside of the parcel. The parcel was squeezed on one side, but no harm was done to the content everything was in excellent condition.

After opening the box, I found one envelope (with 4 stickers, 2 very tasteful cards and a booklet about the toys from Nothosaur), a keychain, a cloth bag for storage and the ALLA inside a sealed bag. I wish the cards and booklet would be in English and Chinese not only in Chinese.

Stats of my ALLA:

Size: Large
Girth: Diameter at the Head 2cm/0.8”, Diameter at the Base 8.5cm/3.3”, Usable length 56.5cm/3.3”.
Coloring: Different shades of red with some high lights in white.

Density: The website states firmness is “Soft: 5 Firmness, Elastic, Soft, Easy to compress”.
ALLA feels very soft and silky, the toy is very easy to bent which makes it easy to use as the depth probe.

Texture surface: Like all my platinum silicone toys (my favorite material by the way), the material is like a magnet for dust, hairs and any other kind of stuff available. It only feels a little sticky. Close your eyes and let your fingers slide along the surface, you can feel the softness and silkiness of the material, what a difference to the toy I bought many, many years ago. With all the softness, you still can feel all the veins and most important each single suction cup along the length of the tentacle.

Does ALLA need a suction cup, yes and no?
Yes: you can stick ALLA on your shower wall and play while showering, good thing the suction cup is actually supporting the weight of ALLA.
No: The Soft version I have is at least is so flexible that you need your hands to guide the toy anyway, no chance to ride it on its own.
The suction cup is so small it only works under optimal condition, no textured surface and the surface has to be extremely clean.

The best part of ALLA are the little kraken like suction cups along the whole length of the tentacle, and you can feel every single one of these cups sliding in and out of your hole.

Maintenance: Due to all the kraken like suction cups, which are getting very small towards the head of ALLA, you have to be very sorrow by cleaning ALLA, it is easy to overlook something tiny, especially when you weren’t extra sorrow cleaning out yourself or to get rid of left over X-Lube (my lube of choice).

Imperfections: Non discovered so far, even after a few times of sorrow inspections after a very good cleaning.

Storage: Easy to store in the included cloth toy bag, just don’t store it with non-silicone toys in the same box.

My experience:

My favorite depth probe of all time so far, I have 2 others from different manufacturers, ALLA tops them all. You can feel the little suction cups working inside your hole and on your sphincter muscle, when you slide ALLA in and out, its just incredible, one of the most intense feelings ever.
I would not recommend ALLA for stretching, the toy is just not big enough and with the firmness soft, just not strong enough either, but it is perfect to slide it in till the base of the toy meets your hole. You don’t need another toy to start to open you up, the head, even in size large, is small enough to do the job perfectly all on its own.
When I’m on my own, I’m laying on my side, use a lot of X-Lube and in it goes, inch by inch, out a little and a little further in, and out again …. and the little cups drive you crazy, the softness of the material makes it feel as the tentacle is molding itself into your body cavitys.

Disclaimer: The toy was NOT provided by Nothosaur Toys, bought it with my own money.

By Pup Rusty June 7 th 2023