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"Hunt for Nothosaur Coins, Unlock New Year Collection"

Thank you very much for the endless support from our fans for Nothosaur toys. In the future, Nothosaur hopes to journey through all seasons together with everyone. We enjoy preparing surprises and joy for our fans. We look forward to sharing every season of the year with our fans through this coin event, bringing endless surprises, toys, and joy to their lives.


Spring: Warmth and Blossoms

Date: Starting from February 5th, while supplies last.
Customers who make purchases on nothosaur.com will receive a Spring lucky gift bag. The lucky bag, a token of our appreciation, includes the following items: one (1) Spring Nothosaur Coin, one (1)  New Year keychain, and three (3) little dongs.

🧵Stay tuned for more Nothosaur coin events!


👑Redemption Rules and Gifts:

4 different Nothosaur coins for redemption:

Participants can choose one Nothosaur toy for redemption during the post-event exchange period, with the redemption deadline to be announced before the end of 2024.

3 different Nothosaur coins for redemption:

Participants can redeem a mystery box.

2 different Nothosaur coins for redemption:

Participants can enjoy a merchandise goodie bag*1, containing selected Nothosaur merchandise and delightful surprises.

🔓Unlock Hidden Coins

Social Media Sharing: Share stunning images/eye-catching videos of Nothosaur products on social media for a chance to win coins and a Mystery Box.

Online Sale: During the upcoming quarter's coin event, a surprise comeback of 10-20 Nothosaur coins from the previous quarter will be available for individual purchase.
*Limit: One coin per customer, multiple purchases are not allowed.

⚠️Important Notes

Redemption Deadline:
The specific redemption deadlines for all rewards will be announced before the end of 2024. Please stay tuned for announcements on Nothosaur's official social media and website.

Limited Quantity:
All redemption rewards are limited in quantity and available for a limited time.

Nothosaur reserves the right to alter these terms at any time. All decisions made by Nothosur regarding this event are final.

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