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If you are looking for a dildo with knots, you will definitely find a favorite among the following six options.

Before that, you need to understand what a knot dildo is. A knotted dildo is different from a realistic dildo in that it has a thick knot, often inspired by the penises of canines. The thick knot provides a unique and intense sensation when inserted, as it stretches your muscles and slides in, taking you to the peak of pleasure.
Here, we present six of the most popular knotted dildos in 2023, including a small horse dildo plug that is suitable for portable use.

1. Graemen

Nothosaur Graemen on a black background

If you are looking to choose one from the six knot dildos, GRAEMEN undoubtedly stands out as the best knotted dildo. Its perfect shape fulfills everyone's fantasies about knot dildos. Whether it's a straight shaft or a dildo with a knot, it exudes a powerful sensation. However, the knot is not overly pronounced and seamlessly blends with the shaft, making it ideal for beginners. That's why it has become the best-selling star among knotted dildos this year. If you want to try a knotted dildo for the first time but desire a different experience from realistic dildos, GRAEMEN is the one to purchase!

 2. Faxi

Nothosaur Faxi on a black background

As the second best-selling knotting dildo, Faxi has a more ferocious appearance compared to GRAEMEN. The irregularly shaped head provides a more stimulating sensation upon insertion, while the protruding knots and ridges along the shaft offer enhanced pleasure during the climax of friction. However, please note that it may not be suitable for beginners, and we recommend it more for those with experience who are up for the challenge.

3. Nicos

Nothosaur Nicos on a black background

While it may not be considered the most intricately designed knotted dildo, it is certainly one of the most visually appealing and suitable for a wide range of individuals. The marble pattern not only adds a playful element for certain role-playing scenarios but also provides a visually striking effect. However, do not underestimate its gentle appearance, as its robust and sizable knot can deliver intense pleasure and bring you to climax.


4. Graemen+Tube

Nothosaur Graemen Cumming Toy on black background

Yes, this is GRAEMEN's squirting dildo. Due to the popularity of GRAEMEN as a knotted dildo, many customers requested us to create a Cumming Dildo, and that's how it came to be. It is more suitable for enthusiasts who want to try an ejaculating dildo with a knotted shape. At Nothosaur, satisfy both of your desires in one go.



5. Ipony

Nothosaur Ipony on a black background

Last but not least, we have the anal plug dildo knot. Don't underestimate it! Its round and flared head. Although it may not be as long as other knotting dildos, it will certainly meet your requirements for an anal plug. Due to its unique knot design compared to regular anal plugs, it has become the most popular anal plug dildo knot. If you enjoy anal play, don't miss out on it!

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