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Nothosaur Review Day

Every fan who comes to the Nothosaur Mainland takes the gorgeous toys back to the human world. We believe that the Nothosaur Fanstay toy has brought you many surprises and joys.
Nothosaur invites you to share your happiness and gorgeous photos on social media.
Every 15th of the month is Nothosaur Review Day, and we'll pick one lucky winner to get a mystery gift!!

💕Take beautiful photos and post them on social media
💕Tag #Nothosaur or @Nothosaur account when posting your photos
💕The posting date is from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of this month.
Result announcement time: Every 15th of the month

You can post on any one of the following social media~ You can also give us via email!!
Please feel free to share your experience and welcome your valuable suggestions.

✅Posting your photos and @NothosaurToys
🖼️Image credit: @Freakslvtsage and @omankovivi

✅Posting your photos and @nothosaurofficial
🖼️Image credit: itstacybloom

✅Posting toys review video and #Nothosaur
🖼️Image credit: Fatima Kojima

✅Posting toys video and #Nothosaur
🖼️Image credit: Alice Redfox

✅Posting your unboxing photos and #Nothosaur

💕Email or DM💕
If you are shy to share, you can also send them to us via email or Twitter DM.
Email: help@nothosaurtoys.com

👑Join us now, you may be the next lucky one💕
※If there is anything question, please contact us via chat or DM on Twitter.

※The review day event will temporarily pause in October 2023, but we'll be ready to relaunch in a brand-new format at any time. We're preparing some surprises for you, so stay tuned!

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