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In the dark night, a mysterious alien creature lays glittering and goopy eggs.
The ovipositor is a popular oddity in the Nothosaur world.
In this article, we'll show you the types of alien eggs, as well as the steps to make gelatin eggs

Types of oviposition products:

Accessory: Egg molds / Mini Silicone Egg
Use DIY gelatin eggs or OGG to experience the real treat of laying eggs.
Order an ovipositor toy and get a free egg mold and push rod.
②Silicone Egg
Feature: Platinum Silicone is safe to use.
OGG can also be used with an ovipositor.
Choosing glow-in-the-dark colors, and feeling the glowing eggs are slopping out.
③Solid Ovipositor
Feature: No egg hole, but the toy has an alien egg design on the head
Although there is no obvious feeling of the egg laying, there is no need to worry that the alien eggs get 'lost in space'
※Please note that the eggs without return ribbons are only suitable for experienced people.

Gelatin egg introduction:

We recommend ovipositor +DIY Gelatin Egg for beginner players who want to experience egg laying.
Gelatin: Gelatin is edible. Gelatine eggs can be laid deep & dissolve - perfect for anal play!

Egg production:

The ratio of water to gelatin is 4:1

Add hot water above 90℃ and stir well

Pour slowly to avoid bubbles

Freeze for 30 minutes and fridge for 3 hours

Please note that the edge is easy to split when opening, and you can soak it in warm water when taking it out.

Add water-base lubricating when using it

Squeeze and Pushing it !!!

Laying !!!


※If there is anything question, please contact us via chat or DM on Twitter.

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