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What glows in the dark? It's a Nothosaur glow-in-the-dark toy!
In this article, we will explain the safety of glow-in-the-dark toys! We also recommend glow-in-the-dark toys to you.
There's nothing weird about sex, and glow-in-the-dark toys are becoming more and more popular as "NEW". Nothosaur has released glow-in-the-dark toys.🎉

So what's the feeling like playing with glow-in-the-dark toys?

You can imagine that except for hearing your own or your partner's voice, only feel the pleasure of your body in the dark.
Imagine a dark, the kind of inky darkness, the kind that your eyes can’t see through no matter how hard you try. But there is a glimmer, the glimmer from GITD toys isn’t blinding, it’s subtle and delicate.
It slides from the side to the thigh root, slowly swallowed by your cave, and then vomited out, they kiss your body and suck your G-spot, slide in and out of your body.
GITD toys are the catalyst to make your sex life more exciting and sexier than classic toys.

How to buy Nothosaur "Glow in the dark" toys?

We've added a“Glow in the dark” option to each of the toy's color options that can be customized.
Select this option to purchase.

Are Glow in the dark toys made of safe materials?

All glow-in-the-dark toys are made from non-hazardous materials, making them safe to use. They are manufactured from materials that are basically non-toxic, and non-radioactive.
These toys work similarly to classic ones, with the only difference being that they glow in the dark.
They don't need to be recharged or plugged in, just turn off the lights. And our GITD toys have test reports. Please check. (attached to the report)

Recommended glow in dark toys

Product: Abyss II
Color: Glow in the dark
Nothosaur Abyss II is a more realistic Tentacle toy. Soft and bendy suitable for deep play. when it glows in the dark, will enhance your vision feeling that it slides in and out of the body, letting you experience an unprecedented pleasure.
Product: OGG
Color: Glow in the dark
You can enjoy the pleasure of laying in the dark. Its shape makes it stand out easier and brings sweet stimulation and obvious feeling to the wearer.

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