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Following my last review, I picked Byrne and Ladon's Tongue next to try. Today I’m reviewing one of Nothosaur’s newest toys, the Byrne, as provided by Nothosaur Toys. The reason why I picked the Byrne was because of the interesting shaped head, sort of like a cone with a curled tapered tip. The veins on the shaft also appeared to be light enough for me to give it a go.

Nothosaur Toys has done some excellent work with offering unique color combinations and I requested a custom color combination: Starry Sky Blue of the Velox and ‘B05’, a reddish-brown on their custom chart, going for a desert with blue skies look. Customer service on this was excellent in following up on additional details to confirm the colors I wanted.

Unboxing the Toy:

▪ The toy came in a discreet cardboard box and included:
▪ Toys in secure individual sealed packaging
▪ A large cloth bag for storage

▪ Freebies: A keychain of possibly the 'Moom' avatars, postcards and stickers
▪ Timeline: I placed the order on March 13 and the toy arrived on the 28th, impressively quick for a custom toy.



Size: Medium

▪ 1-inch from tip: 2.2”, Corona: 5”
▪ Mid shaft: 4.5”, Base: 5.7”
Useable length at approx axis: 6.1

Coloring: Gold at the head, and Starry Sky Blue wraps around the shaft along with the D5 brown. The blue in particular stood out to me in the shimmery hue that blended well with the other colors. Both these colors were darker than I expected, similar to the Qalu. I’m so glad I got it in a custom color because of how striking it is to display. On unboxing, most of my time was spent marvelling on the hues of the colors and Byrne's luxurious appearance.

Density: At 5A/Soft density per the firmness guide, I’d expected it to feel comparatively similar to the Yasvyn Soft. Surprisingly, the base of the head, though slimmer than the Yasvyn’s, felt firmer while the thin tapered tip was soft. Byrne gets slightly softer as it goes down the shaft but overall, I could almost mistake it for at least a 7A shore, possibly due to how the head is constructed.

Texture surface: Texture-wise, this was a step up from the previous toys I reviewed, Qalu and Yasvyn. There's a large enough dip on the underside of the corona, the small jagged edges that I wasn’t totally sure I could handle, the ridge on the opposite side of the corona that protrudes more than it appears to. The base of the Byrne is pretty darn stable on a bedroom wall. You could play dildo darts with it for sure as the base is lightweight with no balls. The surface is sticky like the other toys in the line, similar to Vix-Skin and thus attracts lint if uncovered.

Maintenance: Learning from my lessons with Audrey II, I used a toothbrush instead of my fingers this time to scrub all the edges of this toy. And there are a ton of surfaces I didn’t have with the low textured toys. The raised veins on the shaft for one, and mostly the underside of the corona. A brush helps get in those nooks and crannies without me damaging the toy with butterfingers. More texture means taking more time to clean than the Qalu or Yasvyn.

Imperfections: None identified during the thorough washing. There were small air bubbles at the underside of the base of the shaft that I’m noting for completeness, but none on the actual useable length.

Storage: The toy came with a similar soft polyester storage bag as last time with the Yasvyn and Qalu.

My experience

Base grip: Because there’s no chunky balls in the way (as fun as they can be), my fingers were able to comfortably wrap around the base securely to manoeuvre it during play.

In play: This is the first time I’ve wrestled with so much texture and I have to say, like the Yasvyn due to its sheer girth, the Byrne, too, is a lube hog. This is a toy I’d use for longer sessions where I have time to warm up and prep with lots of lube because the texture will grind it away in no time flat.

I’d compare it to the Yasvyn on entry. It was more of an immediate stretch than I expected from the tapered shaft. Unlike the Yasvyn’s intense stretch, it’s a sudden “pop” kind of stretch as the corona and clears the entrance. A startling and intense sensation to start off with. As more of the length enters, the veins become more prominent than they appear and I’m able to feel them through grinding and lightly thrusting the toy inside.

Similar to the Yasvyn, it’s not a deep penetration toy that I hoped for with the pointed tapered tip. I didn’t feel the soft tip much because the prominence of the corona makes it more of a G-spot and shallow thrusting toy. The texture is intense enough to be thrilling without being overwhelming, I could definitely feel all of the veins on the shaft when thrusting the toy.

Overall, the Byrne has a very impressive coloring, a very distinctive and unique corona and enough texture for texture beginners wanting to explore more. I’d recommend it to people looking for a moderately sized dildo and a startling pop sensation on entry. My advice is to use plenty of lube and patience. The custom colors give it that extra special touch to admire and very easy on the eyes. I’d say it’s definitely worth getting toys in colors and patterns you like. Nothosaur has some cool limited edition patterns for Easter as well.

Byrne offers an intriguing option to explore an in-between texture and coronal ‘pop’ sensations.

Disclaimer: The toy was provided by Nothosaur Toys in exchange for my review - my opinions are my own and no other compensation was given.

By rainwriter2021 From Reddit

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