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This review is for Nothosaur Toy's Qalu - I chose it because it was glow in the dark and had a very unique shape that I'd never seen before. Normally in this type of 'tentacle' shape dildo, there's textures like suckers or lots of bumps that I'm not a fan of, so when I found Qalu that had the lovely smooth texture, I wanted to take it for a ride.

Shipping and external unboxing was previously reviewed along with my last review on the Yasvyn.

Size: Small
1.2” at the uppermost tip,
3.7” at the top of the mid-shaft curve, and
5.8” around the base of the insertable length.
Insertable length: 7.1”

Suction cup: I was very impressed by how the Qalu would inadvertently stick to the suface of my desk and hold on. The suction was much sturdier than the BMS Naked Addiction. Tugging on the shaft at 80% strength still didn’t dislodge the base from a flat wooden surface.

Color: It appears somewhat darker to the pale blue listed on the toy details - think blue sky on a sunny day rather than the pale teal of glaciers. The shade appears to be closer to Graemen's on its item page. Even my own photos of it makes it seem lighter than it actually is - maybe it's a lighting thing. It's still a wonderful hue.

Surface: The surface is the same Vix-Skin-like stickiness when dry, and squeaky when scrubbed under water. Again, it's very prone to lint and hair sticking to it. I’d recommend using lube for these reasons during play. Overall, there were minimal imperfections other than a tiny loose piece of extra silicone at the bottom of the base - not on the useable length, and it wasn't an issue for me.

Maintenance: It was very easy to clean with soap and water. When washing, it felt more durable under scrubbing than the Audrey II (i.e. I was able to avoid damaging it during a thorough wash).

Firmness: Springy, what I’d imagine 8A to feel like, but wobbles fairly flexibly against gravity. I'm liking this firmer density during play - a firmer density allows for better direction of surface contact when working the toy towards specific spots, like the posterior fornix.


Qalu's base is easier to grip with one hand than Yasvyn’s, but because it’s not as stocky, it’s harder to get a firmer grip to control the thrust angle and direction. The sensation of texture is felt more at the base once the ridges along it come into play.

I really, really like the narrow tip - there was some concern that it’d unnecessarily contact my cervix, but aiming it towards my posterior wall prevented that wonderfully. Picturing it in my mind, I feel the tip curl slightly to fill the pocket of my posterior fornix in an exact filt with zero discomfort unlike so many bulbous heads I've tried in the past for deep penetration.

The reward is a satisfying deep probing and grinding sensation without a challenging stretch, something I currently prefer for PFE stimulation. The density is soft and yet springy enough for me to clench around. I think I’d go with the Medium or Hard firmness even with the next size up because I do best with firm and deep stimulation.

One of the postives with a slimmer toy is that it doesn’t need a lot of lube to work well. I could see myself going to this toy more frequently since it’s not one that I need to build up to, unlike the Yasvyn which is more for special occasions after sizing up from a starter dildo.

Noise level: There was a decent amount of squish sounds since it’s a more slender dildo and I used plenty of Good Clean Love lube. It made for a pretty fun experience.

GITD: It's my first time trying a glow in the dark toy, and the effect was stunning, The toy was really bright after 2 hours of charging by the window on a cloudy day. I was pleasantly surprised that it was more luminescent than it looks in the pictures. First time I've used a GITD dildo and there's a magical quality in basking in a glowing blue in the dark.


This is my favorite toy from Nothosaur Toys yet and I hope they continue to offer products with similarly low-textured shapes and dimensions of long and slender in the future. I’d recommend this to beginners or those who don’t want to have to size up for a solid PFE/ deeper cervical orgasm.

Qalu has convinced me to look into fantasy dildos more than the realistic ones. Along with the Stellar, I now have a total of 2 toys I’d rescue if I had to give up the rest. Goodbye Pure Wand, goodbye Tsunami. I’m coming to terms that my PFE doesn’t want bulbous heads like the Night King or the Freak for the time being and is much happier with pointed soft tips like Qalu.

For everyone wanting to explore deep cervical stimulation, I highly recommend checking out Qalu. For anyone asking what they can try for cervical or deep O's, I point you to this toy. In a hard firmness, I could also see this being great for anal training for beginners as well due to the tapered tip and minimally textured surface.

Disclaimer: The toy was provided by Nothosaur Toys in exchange for my review - my opinions are my own and no other compensation was given.

By rainwriter2021 From Reddit

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