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Nothosaur Toys reached out to me to ask if I wanted to review other toys since the Audrey II, and this time I picked the Yasvyn and the Qalu. This review is for the Yasvyn - I chose it because Yasvyn is a hot dilfy blacksmith dragon based on the info page, all of which appeal to me. Bonus points for the dick piercing on the dildo.

Shipping: I put in the order on Jan 12, and it arrived within 2 weeks, which I was very impressed with. The tracking number was provided along with status updates through Yun Express.

External Unboxing: The packaging was discrete, wrapped in dark grey plastic and the sender was addressed as ‘TForce E-commerce’, nothing indicating there was a sex toy in the box. There were a couple of nicks on the cardboard box this time when it arrived - luckily, I didn’t find any damage on the actual items inside because of it.

Unboxing the toy.

1. The toy came in a cardboard box and included (as pictured)
2. A large cloth bag for the toys
3. Toys in individual vacuum sealed plastic bags, a good safety measure indicating that it was delivered in its original packaging:
4. Freebies:
▪Keychain: Adorable picture of Qalu
Small stickers of some other toy models - nsfw
Postcards: I really liked how the art images were very tasteful with no obvious genitalia exposed so theoretically I could display them on my collectible art shelf and stick the side with the picture of the dildo to the wall.


Size: Medium
Girth: Widest point was 6.7”. Circumference at the head is 4.3”.
Useable length at approx axis: 5.9”
Coloring: Dominated by Gold and black, the purple peeks through mildly in a pretty dusk-like backdrop near the lower third of the shaft. The purple blends in really well with the other colors and the gold near the head highlights the detailing at the top.

Density: At 5A/Soft density per the website, I’d approximate it to the feeling of calves flexing at 80% of their strength. Slightly softer than the Qalu’s firmness which I ordered at 7A, but due to the significantly larger girth, it feels about the same density overall when squeezed

Texture surface: Sticky, not enough for base to be a suction cup for my level of body weight, but more like if you have a silicone cup and have to yank it up to get it to detach. The blocky base seems to detract from the ability of the base to stay suctioned to the surface. Based on my testing, it works only on optimal conditions, like a flat wooden surface. This toy attracts lint and hair quickly as it’s a Vix-skin-like sticky type of silicone.

I like that it’s low texture for my body needs given that this is one of the bigger toys I’ve tried.

Maintenance: Due to the “piercing” shape at the glans, more scrubbing is needed in those creases and under the corona. Otherwise, due to its minimal surface texture, it’s very easy to maintain.

Imperfections: None identified during the thorough washing.

Storage: I was disappointed it didn’t include two individual bags for two toys when it was delivered with the Qalu. It’s still large enough to hold both toys, but I highly prefer to store my silicone toys in individual bags. The fabric was a smooth and soft polyester type for the bag this time. I’ll be storing the Yasvyn in the larger bag and separately the Qalu in its own plastic packaging.

My experience

Base grip: Due to the large balls it’s much heftier than the QALU base. There’s a trade-off for more possible momentum and stability with each thrust but it takes more effort overall. I could hold the base in one hand but needed two hands for active thrusting.

In play: As it’s on the heftier side, I needed to size up across other dildos first. The Yasvyn is more suitable for longer sessions and I needed quite an amount of lube to account for the stretch. There’s a pop as the ring piercing clears inside the vaginal canal and then an immediate stretch as the girth rapidly expands towards its max. Not a deep penetration dildo for me, though I hoped otherwise. It’s more geared towards G-spot or shallow thrusting until I get more comfortable with the fast girth changes.

Overall, the Yasvyn features an impressive coloring, sizeable girth, and detailing with a unique piercing shape at the tip of the head. I’d recommend it to people looking for a chode dildo who enjoy an intense stretch and are prepared to size up to it. My advice is to use plenty of lube and patience. It’s gorgeous to look at and if I didn’t have company, I’d leave it out on the shelf because of the pretty marbling.

Disclaimer: The toy was provided by Nothosaur Toys in exchange for my review - my opinions are my own and no other compensation was given.

By rainwriter2021 From Reddit

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