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Note when purchasing:
The color of Glow in the dark cannot be customized temporarily, only the fixed color in the picture, please purchase with caution, thank you.

How To Custom Color

Our toys usually can be custom Solid color、Marble color, Fade color、Split color、Covered color, etc.
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Firmness Guide

We offer Soft, Medium, and Hard as solid firmness options on our Toys. Click here for more information.

Vac-U-Lock Adapter

Most Nothosaur toys come with suction cup. If you want to use it with a sex machine.
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Toys Care

Silicone is very strong, but you also need to know how to care for it.
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Area: Darkstream Dungeon
OVOMORPH is an ovum laid by a wormhole creature from deep space that has descended deep into the Darkstream Dungeon of the Nothosaur Mainland.
The wormhole creatures from deep space hope that the OVOMORPH will allow its race to flourish here.
The OVOMORPH has black and brown skin color, and the inside of contains the second stage larvae of the wormhole creature from deep space -- ZERGER.
The top of the OVOMORPH remains closed if the ZERGER has not yet encountered a suitable host.
When it detects a nearby parasitic creature, it will open the four software joints from the top, the ZERGER to smoothly leave itself and pounce on the nearby parasitic creature.
In the event of a powerful enemy attack, the OVOMORPH can emit a strong aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic liquid to seduce the host, ensuring that the ZERGER can be successfully parasitized.

The OVOMORPH also cooperates with the GOBLIN who live in the Darkstream Dungeon.
The GOBLIN brings parasitic creatures to the OVOMORPH to help them reproduce.
In return, the OVOMORPH regularly provides the GOBLIN with self-secreted, highly pure mucus with strong aphrodisiacs and hallucinogens.
The GOBLIN use their mucus to make a super popular "lube" that has not yet appeared on the Nothosaur Mainland!
The high purity of the lube is amazing, but also comes with an aphrodisiac effect that can greatly increase the excitement and arousal of sexes.